An unexpected love.

This is so unexpected, nothing seems to be the same anymore.
Your love towards me is unknown for many didn’t know our love for each other
We started as acquaintances, many thought you were a boy
Even me, I was fooled. Then you started giving me advice, and i gave you too.

I broke to my boyfriend, and you either. We were on sensitive circle.
For I have problems on that time. Problems on lovelife and such affairs
But who would have ever thought that I fall for you?
i never expected to fallin love with you, fir the 1st i met you, this feeling make me crazy. Damn it. 
You know, maybe is too dramataci if I will never give up on you. But I’ll stay alive.

Even though you go to an another country 

Even though you goto the another world

I’ll follow you upto the end of time
I love you with all my heart the unexpected love.