stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are

life is always on road.

Up and down, happiness-sadness, crying-laughing, poverty-intellectual property, healthy and cranky.

anything and anytime it could be changed by the time.

in other side, we just have to be strong, grateful, brave, believe and keep trying. like a

brevest sculpture. i felt that way, but the differences in me it still doesnt work hahaha.. hemm i called it on works

above it all, we have to make our-self is priceless, gorgeous, blessing and make yourself proud.

trust me, theres nothing rainbow before rain.. dont be afraid for anything including “a process”, dont ask, dont demanding.. just open your heartn mind and arms..

walk on your best road, do it right and a gift’s of God will came on you.. 🙂